Segafredo ground coffee The Origins COSTA RICA 250g

Segafredo Zanetti ground coffee The Origins COSTA RICA 100% Arabica, 250 gram pack. Intensity 7, medium roast, intense and aromatic espresso with a fruity and persistent taste.
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Costa Rica 100% Arabica by Segafredo Zanetti is a single-origin blend made with the best Costa Rican Arabica coffee varieties. From the luxuriant vegetation of Costa Rica, selected directly in the Beneficio in Sarchí of San Josè, comes this 100% Arabica tropical coffee with a thousand nuances. The bouquet is intense and harmonious, the taste is fruity and persistent, with roundness on the palate and liqueur sensations. The Meseta Central area in Costa Rica, thanks to the altitudes between 800 and 1400 metres, the humidity constant at 81% and the average temperature of around 21°C, is ideal for coffee plantations. And right here an excellent quality of Arabica is grown. Segafredo Zanetti's Le Origini line aims to enhance the process of selecting the best coffee blends from specific territories, with an unmistakable taste and aroma, which refer to the warm sounds and colors of distant worlds. Origins Costa Rica is a Rainforest Alliance certified coffee, produced in compliance with rigorous standards with the aim of preserving the environment and supporting local Costa Rican communities, giving value to producers. The special aroma-saving valve allows freshly roasted and ground coffee to be packaged, thus keeping all the most valuable aromatic components unaltered

Roasted ground coffee blend (powder)
100% Costa Rican Arabica
Packs of 250 grams
Soft pack
Suitable for coffee maker / mocha
Intensity 7
Medium roast
Intense and Aromatic, with a persistent taste and hints of tropical fruits

The Origins line

Products specifications

Intensity 7 / 13
Roast Medium Roast
Imballaggio Pacco morbido
Ingredienti Roast coffee and grind coffee
Gluten free Gluten-free product suitable for people with celiac disease
Linea Linea Le Origini
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