Terms of sale

1. Reservation and purchase

2. Product availability and sale price

3. Methods of payment

4. Delivery of goods and shipping costs

5. Import taxes and customs duties

6. Right of withdrawal

7. Governing Law

8. Warranties

1. Reservation and purchase

In order to be able to purchase products from the e-shop online, the Customer must access the dedicated area of the site (Catalogue). Each product on sale is accompanied by a photo, a description and the price which varies according to the country of destination of the goods.

Within the e-shop you can select and book the individual products offered. It will be sufficient to indicate the quantity and confirm, after choosing any variants. In this way the products are placed in the virtual shopping cart.

You can add, cancel or confirm all the reservations made up to that moment.

In order to confirm the order, the Customer can proceed in these ways:

1. if already registered, using the e-mail address and password;

2. if not yet registered, by proceeding with registration, indicating all the requested data;

3. without registration, providing when requested the data necessary to finalize the purchase.

The purchase will be considered finalized for Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. only when the order is confirmed by the same via e-mail using the "Your order confirmation" form. Confirmation is sent within 2 working days of receiving the order.

2. Product availability and sale price

For each item, the unit sales price expressed in currency, VAT is indicated. (Value Added Tax) including and excluding shipping costs.

Shipping contributions may vary according to the type of delivery, the quantity of products to be shipped, their volume, weight and place of destination; will be highlighted during the purchase procedure and on the "Your order confirmation" form.

All the products in the e-shop are available in stock. Should unforeseen events occur due to delays in the delivery of the products, the Customer will be promptly informed via e-mail, as well as in the case of even temporary unavailability of one or more products.

Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. ships to all countries specified during registration. However, there may be cases in which customs problems prevent the delivery of the ordered products. In this case, the Customer will be promptly informed via e-mail and subsequently reimbursed.

3. Methods of payment

For the payment of purchases, the Customer can use the following methods:

to. PayPal circuit.

b. Credit cards available on the PayPal circuit.

c. Bank transfer.

d. Satispay

Satispay is an app that allows you to buy online in a smart and completely safe way: just select Satispay as a payment method when you are in the checkout phase and confirm the purchase directly from your Satispay app. Paying online becomes simple and immediate.

Satispay is the application that allows you to pay in all participating online and physical stores, exchange money with your contacts, pay bills, car and motorbike taxes, top up your telephone credit and much more. Become part of the payments revolution now!

4. Delivery of goods and shipping costs

All products ordered by the Customer and confirmed by Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. will be shipped by Express Courier (national and international) to the address indicated by the Customer for delivery. For the shipment, a contribution to the costs will be requested which will be highlighted during the purchase procedure and on the "Your order confirmation" form, in relation to the country of destination of the order.

The shipment of the products will take place only after the payment of the order amount has been duly registered and confirmed to Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a.

Products shipped to Italy are approximately delivered within 2-3 working days of shipment; products shipped within the European Union are delivered within 5-7 working days of shipment. For shipments outside the EU it takes on average 6-7 working days from shipment. Shipments are made from Monday to Friday. Any variation to the above will be promptly communicated via e-mail to the Customer.

5. Import taxes and customs duties

The products sold are not subject to any import tax or customs duty, if the product is sold and delivered in Italy or within the European Union.

In the case of deliveries to countries outside the European Union, the products may be subject to import taxes and/or customs duties depending on the type of product and the country of destination. It is not possible to predict in any way whether and what costs should be incurred for customs clearance of the goods.

For more information, you can contact the customs office of your country.

In all cases, any costs relating to import taxes and/or customs duties will be charged to the customer.

6. Right of withdrawal

The Customer has a right of withdrawal which he can exercise, without having to justify the reasons, within a period of 14 working days starting from the day of receipt of the ordered items.

The right of withdrawal can be communicated within the term indicated above, by e-mail. The shipping costs for returning the goods are the sole responsibility of the customer. In order for the right of withdrawal to be exercised, the items must be returned intact, in their original packaging in perfect condition and in agreement with Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a.

The goods must be returned with an insured parcel in Porto Franco; no package sent cash on delivery or carriage forward will be collected by Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a.

To ensure the best service, Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. makes use of the service of the main express couriers, for a timely collection operation and return to the warehouse of the returned items.

The refund of the invoiced price of the returned items will be made by crediting the customer's bank account within 30 days of receipt of the return.

Items returned incomplete, worn, damaged or soiled for reasons attributable to the Customer will not be refunded and will not give rise, in any case, to the recognition of a credit equal to the price of the item initially ordered.

Should the return depend on an error by Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a., the shipping costs will be borne by the seller; in all other cases, the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

7. Governing Law

All contracts entered into are understood to be completed in Italy and are subject to Italian law.

8. Warranties

Warranty. With this guarantee, Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. guarantees the consumer from any defects and conformity for a period of 2 years starting from the date of purchase of the product. If during this warranty period defects in the conformity of the Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. product are found, the authorized dealers will arrange for the product or its defective components to be repaired or (at the discretion of Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a.) replaced in the terms of the conditions indicated below, without any charge for labor costs and for the materials used. Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. reserves the right (at its discretion) to repair defective products or replace them with new products, of the same or superior color and characteristics, if the original is no longer available.

Conditions. This guarantee will be valid only if the non-compliant product is presented, together with the proof of purchase (receipt and/or invoice) and the guarantee certificate, to the reseller or to the authorized Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. assistance centre. to which you will be instructed to send the product. Segafredo Zanetti S.p.a. reserves the right to refuse warranty interventions in the absence of the aforementioned documents or in the event that the information contained therein is incomplete or illegible.

Assistance. For assistance on a product under warranty, write us an email from the contact form.

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