Brodies tea and infusions

Brodies Breakfast Tea

Brodies Breakfast Tea, a black tea of the best varieties, rich and intense. Ideal for breakfast due to its characteristics of richness, intensity and vigor. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Peach Iced Tea Can

Brodies Peach Iced Tea, iced peach tea in a 330 ml can. The delicate pleasure of peach tea, without gluten and preservatives.

Brodies Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Brodies tea, round and refreshing. Rich and decisive black tea, ideal for an afternoon break or paired with cakes and biscuits. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Brodies tea, a black tea that grows on the slopes of the Himalayas, golden and fragrant. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Brodies tea, a light and aromatic black tea with a bergamot aroma. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Lemon Iced Tea Can

Brodies Lemon Iced Tea, iced tea with lemon in a 330 ml can. A light, tasty and thirst-quenching tea, to be served chilled.

Brodies Green Tea

Green Tea Brodies, soft green tea, refreshing and rich in antioxidants. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Rooibos and Apple Infusion

Brodies Rooibos & Apple, a naturally sweet infusion from South Africa, characterized by the aroma of hazelnut and apple. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Red Berry Crush Infusion

Brodies Red Berry Crush, infused with a select blend of small red berries combined together to give a superb fruity bouquet. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Raspberry and Peach Infusion

Brodies Raspberry and Peach, an infusion in which the freshness of the raspberry and the sweetness of the peach stand out. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Lemon and Ginger Infusion

Brodies Lemon & Ginger, an invigorating infusion with the freshness of lemon and the warmth of ginger, to be enjoyed plain or with a touch of honey. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Peppermint Infusion

Brodies Peppermint, deliciously refreshing peppermint infusion, with a deep and persistent flavor on the palate. 20 pack filters.

Brodies Camomile Infusion

Brodies Camomile, delicate and refreshing chamomile infusion, with excellent relaxing and soothing properties. 20 filters pack.

Brodies Tea and Infusions

Segafredo Zanetti presents an exclusive line of Brodies branded teas and infusions, to offer customers modernity with the highest quality.

Since 1867 Brodies has embodied the best tradition of Scottish tea merchants by selecting only the finest quality tea, to guarantee the most demanding customers an excellent quality product. With the experience gained in over 150 years of history, Brodies has created various product lines to satisfy all the needs of the most refined palates.



The fine teas of the English tradition, for every taste and moment of the day. Packs of 20 filters.



Classic infusions with an original and refined taste, all without theine. Packs of 20 filters.



An exclusive line of iced tea, with lemon or peach, to offer you a drink created with care and with the highest quality. Refreshing teas, light and tasty, to be served chilled.

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